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Share information among staff

Speed up processes and reduce order cycle times

Have access to data ... any time, anywhere

Improve effectiveness of your professional staff

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What We Do

CRMcentral is a Customer Relationship Management specialist (Maximizer CRM, Zoho CRM and Microsoft Dynamics CRM). After many years working with customers across a wide range of industries, we have come to recognise that the most successful customers are those that merge their CRM with their other activities ... rather than becoming an add-on to day-to-day activities, it is an integral part of a bigger picture, with staff wanting to use it and get the benefits of easier, more accurate, processes.

We can assist right from the beginning of the process, and guide owners, management and staff on how to capture leads directly from the web, track the progress of those leads as they turn into sales, and keep those customers by providing excellent service.

Are you working in an industry where Compliance is a major consideration? If so, Process Improvement and a sound CRM system are essential to meeting your statutory obligations.

Could you have a company culture where it is likely your people will resist change? We can help there, too. We are highly experienced in Change Management, and getting buy-in of your staff to new systems from the get go.

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These charts indicate some of the benefits of having integrated processes in your business.

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