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MaxToMYOB install files and updates 

Trial Mode

You can download and install MaxTOMYOB in “Trial” mode with the MYOB Clearwater DataFile to evaluate the product. You can use MaxToMYOB up to 15 times before your trial expires. After this time it is illegal to use the program without registering the product and the application won’t save your data.

Installation and configuration requires some technical knowledge (creating a DSN in Windows Control Panel) and a good working knowledge of Maximizer (creating Users and User Defined fields). If practical, we recommend that you involve your local Maximizer Business Partner in this process. If you choose to install MaxPocket yourself, PLEASE READ ALL INSTRUCTIONS CAREFULLY. Follow the instructions in MaxToMYOB User Guide.doc carefully. This file is located in the c:\program files\MaxToMYOB folder after the software is installed. If you have any installation questions, email support@rapid.com.au.


The integration between Maximizer and MYOB relies on the installation and configuration of the MYOB ODBC driver.

The MYOB driver is not installed by default when MYOB is installed on your PC and you will need to install it manually as outlined in MaxToMYOB Installation notes.

By default, the MYOB driver is installed as unregistered which means you only have access to MYOB’s sample datafile - Clearwtr.dat. If you want to trial maxToMYOB, you will need to test it with Clearwtr.dat.

If you purchase MaxToMYOB, we provide you MYOB ODBC registration details at no cost (normally $259.00) so you can access any MYOB datafile you wish.

Purchase and Register

To register, record the 2 numbers that appear on your Registration screen when the program starts and contact your local Maximizer Business Partner. If you don’t have a Maximizer Business Partner, email the information to sales@rapid.com.au.

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MaxToMYOB Installation notes

These notes outline the steps to install our MaxToMYOB product.

File:  Read Me First.htm (5k),
Last updated: 12th August 2005

MaxToMYOB Installation files

This is a self extracting zip files that allows you to install  MaxToMYOB. Please read the installation notes  first.

File: MaxToMYOBInstallFiles.exe ver 1.5.9
Last updated: 13th June 2008

MaxToMYOB program update

This is the latest MaxToMYOB program file for your PC. You must have MaxToMYOBalready installed on the PC. Click on the link below and select Run. Select Yes to Trust this file if prompted. This will extract MaxToMYOB.exe into the c:\program files\maxtomyob folder (this is the default installation target folder) to your local hard disk.

File: MaxToMYOB Program file for PC ver 1.5.9
Last updated: 13th June 2008