Our Work

The team at CRM Central have been providing CRM solutions since 1992. We have the knowledge, skills, experience and passion to provide you with an effective CRM system.


Some of the team at CRM Central started working with CRM systems back in 1992. We worked on an Australian Database Management system called 'Tracker'.

In 1997, Tracker was purchased by Maximizer and the rest as they say is 'History'


Project Updates

We have created many generic add-ons for Maximizer including Quote Management and integration with MYOB.

Our major focus is to work with clients to make their CRM systems meet their organisational goals.

This sometimes invloves using Maximizer's built in tools.

Or .. we can use Maximizer APIs as well as third party APIs to integrate Maximizer CRM with other business tools such as Financial or ERP systems.


The Future

We will continue to use Maxiimizer as the core to our solutions and look forward to working with you to use the latest technology to make your organisation as effecient and effective as possible.