Trial Mode

You can download and install MaxCode in “Trial” mode and use it 15 times.

Purchase and Register

To register, record the 2 numbers that appear on your Registration screen when the program starts and contact your local Maximizer Business Partner. If you don’t have a Maximizer Business Partner, email the information to

MaxCode installation notes

These notes outline the steps to install MaxCode Postcode utility.

Formats: Readme first.htm(23 k), .
Last updated: 6th June 2004

MaxCode Postcode utility Installation files

This is a self extracting zip files that allows you to install a limited trial version of MaxCode Postcode utility. If you like the product, you can email us your purchase details and we can give you an unlock code. Please read the installation notes first.

Formats: MaxCode Installation files.exe (3,870 k),
Last updated: 6th June 2004

MaxCode Data file

This is a zip file that contains Australia Posts Postcodes as of 16 September 2005. Download the file and unzip into the the MaxCode Program folder (default is c:\program files\maxcode). (321 k),
Last updated: 16th Sept 2005


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